Here at All Out Athletics HQ we are always looking for new writers with something powerful to share with our readers. 

So if you are an experienced Personal Trainer or Coach, an expert in your sport, an expert gym-goer, a Professional Athlete or even an Amateur Athlete then we would love to hear from you!

Articles can take many forms;

  • How tos – How to fix a problem, how to perform a movement, how to increase speed, how to throw a knockout punch etc
  • An Experience –  A lesson, or lessons, coming from your own personal experience 
  • A Training Program – A write up on a program you love, have used and got awesome results on (Data and photos help!)
  • A Competition Write Up – Had a competition? How about a write up of the event through your eyes
  • A Eating Plan – Something battle tested that you used to get your desired result
  • A recipe – Create something that tastes too good not to share? Then share it! 
  • And more! 

How To Submit Your Articles

Submitting your work could not be easier! 

All you need to do is e-mail us directly and attach your ideas, your work. 

If we are interesting in publishing it we will let you know and give you a date of when it will go live. 

You can e-mail us here:

Please bare in mind…

We reserve the right to say No; if we do not feel your submission is up to our standard then we will not publish it. However, we will let you know this and not keep you waiting. We will also tell you why so there is no confusion or doubt. This means you can always come back to us later with a revised version to try again. 

If we LOVE your stuff you may get asked to join our tribe of regular contributors – these guys (and girls) are the FIRST to hear about new AOA news, get some new products (for free) before release and have their say in how AOA develops. 

I cannot wait to hear from you, 

Sean Ryan