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So before I get into this I wanted to say that I didn’t come up with this analogy but I read it yesterday and it really impacted me…

Following your dreams/aspirations is a daunting challenge at the best of times but add in a lack of confidence it can cause ripple’s upon ripple’s especially when you receive negativity from others. But let’s get onto this analogy before we continue…grab a coffee and put your feet up…


Every morning at 6am there is a bird, a small colourful little creature then sings his little heart out each morning at this time.

He flies onto his favourite branch in between two houses, get’s comfy and his song starts…

The house on the left of him the back door opens, a man stepped out took a deep breath and smiled at the little bird…

“That’s a beautiful song your singing this morning Mr Bird”

The bird acknowledged the man and continued to sing his song..

The house on the right, the upstairs window opened and a man screamed out:

“Will you shut the fuck up it’s 6am!”
The bird acknowledge the man and continued to sing his song…happier than ever.

So what’s the moral of this story?

The bird has mastered…the art of not giving a fuck.


Did you notice how the bird reacted to the man’s compliment? He acknowledged it and continued to do what he loves to do, did you notice how the bird reacted to the man’s insult? He continued to do what he does and loves…

Now you see this can be seen as being as ungrateful but it’s not, because what the bird has learnt is that compliments are great but he doesn’t sing for compliments he sings because he loves doing it. He learnt that once he started to treat compliments the same way as insults his life became easier, and he could continue doing what he does without any mental disarray. It’s very easy to continually push for compliments due to the “high” that they can produce but that constant push will cause a mental drop in the future.

When following your aspirations, you should be attempting to accomplish them because they’re your absolute passion. So with that passion if someone insults you it shouldn’t alter your path from what you do.

The art of not giving a fuck is a tough thing to learn, and I won’t claim to have it nailed but these past 2 months I’m releasing my passions and the reasons for me under taking the journeys that I am.

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