A Week Of Strength | Highlight Reel #3

Another week ending brings another post filled with strength filled highlights using AOA equipment!

To kick things off….

The World’s Strongest Woman, Donna Moore pulling 230kg with ease!

Safe to say this is impressive.

Daf_Strongman_Roberts pulling from 18inch blocks,

372kg @ 92kg bodyweight!

Rhiannon has done it again…

I know I know every week we include her in our highlights but let’s be real here….

210kg x 2 @ 60kg Bodyweight…..

I have no idea where she comes from!

Last but not least, AOA team member Aaron Page let out some rage pulling 300kg x 5!

Here’s a throwback!

Andy Saunders GPC GB President benching 340kg using our All Purpose Barbell!

Until next week folks!


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