A Week Of Strength | Highlight Reel #2

So to kick off this week,

Rhiannon has striked again!

This is the current record in her weight category pulled for a triple….I think it’s safe to say there is going to be something special pulled later this year!

Next up,

We can all admire some serious grip strength and big Mark Snape definitely has that!

270kg Double Over Hand Deadlift….

Taz Mannan took 285kg for an easy triple whilst training at Kaos Strength Gym!

Next up are a couple of throw backs that still amaze us to watch,

First up!

Dan Stewart (Junior Powerlifter) squatted 395kg earlier this year using the AOA Squat Barbell V3!

And finally! AOA Team member Aaron Page hit a new deadlift PR late last year at Winning Health Solutions

375kg x 1!

As always, thank you so much for your continued support of AOA, I’ve had quite a few people message asking why our new product launch hasn’t happened and it’s solely for the reason there were a couple of details that needed to be fine tuned,

It’s coming, very soon!

If you want to feature on the AOA Weekly Show please drop us a message or tag us on instagram!

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